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What’s really important?

What’s really important?

What’s really important? 

CrossFit Tidal Wave

By: Coach Taylor Wilson

It’s up to you.

Say a kind word to your child OR visit them on death row

Skip the chocolate milk shake OR have your leg amputated because of diabetes

Study for your upcoming test OR end up homeless

Be kind to a stranger OR die friendless and alone

Smoke a cigarette OR meet you grandchildren

These choices may seem a little far fetched but are they…

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Galveston CrossFit Competition


gauntlet 2

This past weekend the Tidal Wave and Mainland athletes got together to compete in the Gulf Coast Gauntlet. It was great to see so many members, friends and family come out to support our 16 athletes competing.  For many of us this was our second year at the Gauntlet, but we also had first time competitors as well.

gauntlet 2.4

I have been with CrossFit Tidal Wave from the…

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